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Optical Coherence Tomography


Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

This is equivalent to an optical ultrasound. It takes a cross-section picture of your retina, the light-sensitive tissue lining at the back of the eye. It is an established and accurate technique to view the inside of a patient's eye non invasively.
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Retinal Photography

Retinal Photography - is used to take detailed images of the retina. The procedure is quick and painless and can be used as a reference point for treatment. This process can detect signs of eye disease quickly and give indications into other potential issues such as Macular Degeneration and Optic Nerve disease.
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The CAPTIV8 patient communication service offers truly amazing 3D animations delivered on a patient education platform like no other.

We provide free access through this site to a range of 3D animations on common eye conditions and clinical procedures.

London Eye Hospital Pharma MacuLEH Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

We are pleased to announce that we now stock the London Eye Hospital Pharma MacuLEH Vitamin and Mineral Supplement. The London Eye Hospital Pharma has developed a comprehensive supplement which supports the health and vision of the eye.
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Eye Health Examination Wales - EHEW

An EHEW examination is to assess the needs of a patient who require immediate or urgent eye care. The scheme uses optometrists to assess the patients, meaning there is less need to be referred to hospitals and clinics. The examination enables optometrists to screen patients that are most at risk of eye disease or losing their sight. As with many diseases early detection is essential. Jonathan Partridge has been accredited for this scheme since its launch.
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Low Vision Service Wales

Low Vision Service Wales is a Welsh Assembly funded scheme to enable Optometrists to determine a person's residual vision and then to improve this with various Optical and non-Optical devices. The assessment will also provide patients with information about additional services available within the local area.
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DVLA Approved Visual Field Testing

Testing for drivers is available at Jonathan Partridge Optometrists. Anyone with a medical condition that may affect the visual field is required by the DVLA to carry out the test. The test is painless and involves identifying a series of lights within the visual field.
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Contact Lens Assessment and Fitting Service

A contact lens assessment and fitting service is available after an initial examination, using state of the art technology to establish your eyes health and suitability to wear contact lenses. Jonathan Partridge Optometrists are an Acuvue Centre of Excellence.
Protective Eyeware for industry

Eyes are invaluable to us, yet are easily damaged.

Protection is essential at all times, even with some types of D.I.Y.

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Dry Eye Treatments by Spectrum Thea

Dry Eye occurs when you produce fewer or poorer quality tears and are unable to maintain normal eye lubrication. Signs of Dry Eye include foreign body sensation, itching, burning or stinging, excessive watering, redness, ‘tired’ eyes and contact lens discomfort.

Spectrum Théa Pharmaceuticals Ltd is an ophthalmic company dedicated to improving eye health care problems.

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Designer Frames

We offer a wide range of frames for every budget. Including Gucci, Ted Baker, Valentino, Flexon, Nike, Oakley, Hackett, Jaeger, Elle, Guess, Calvin Klein, Morgan, Vogue, Silhouette and many more.
Prescription Sunglasses
We offer a large range of prescription and non prescription sunglasses, including sports specific eyewear from Oakley.
Glazing Specialists

Our own on-site glazing lab ensures that only the best quality will do. It also gives us the opportunity to provide an emergency service.