Retinal Photography

We are committed to providing the very highest standard of eye care available. To this end, we have installed a new "Digital Retinal Camera" which allows us to take photographs of the inside of your eyes, similar to the one shown below:

Comparison of Retinal Photography versus an Opthalmoscope

The procedure is comfortable and the image is captured in seconds - nothing touches your eyes.

Jonathan taking a retinal photograph

The benefits of this service are considerable and it will be recommended and available to everyone, although the NHS does not pay for it. The additional fee is small and well worthwhile. There will however be no charge for all children under 16 and all students under 19.

Advantages over the previous use of an opthalmoscope

Enhanced view of the back of your eyes, so we can ensure they are healthy.
Allows us to store pictures of your eyes on computer, so that we can compare images and look for changes year on year. Thus improving the efficiency with which we can monitor your eye health and look for diseases.
Allows you to see what we see when we examine your eyes Enable us to send pictures on to an eye specialist, if referral is indicated