Services in association with the Welsh Government

Eye Health Examination Wales - EHEW

An EHEW examination is to assess the needs of a patient who require immediate or urgent eye care. The scheme uses optometrists to assess the patients, meaning there is less need to be referred to hospitals and clinics. The examination enables optometrists to screen patients that are most at risk of eye disease or losing their sight. As with many diseases early detection is essential. All of our Optometrists are accredited to provide this service.
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Low Vision Service Wales

Low Vision Service Wales is a Welsh Assembly funded scheme to enable Optometrists to determine a person's residual vision and then to improve this with various Optical and non-Optical devices. These devices are provided at no cost to the patient and can make a huge difference to the quality of life of our senior patients. We will also provide information about additional services available within the local area to support you.
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